Sunday, 28 November 2010

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 28th November 2010 - Kodomo no Jikan 2nd Term

I sincerely hope those vegetables aren't for dinner...
With the shows looming ever closer for the winter 2010 period, one of the few titles to have caught my eye is a new Kodomo no Jikan OVA. I may jokingly refer to it as Kodomo no Lolicon, because lets face it: this is a show that is a discussion on the sexuality involving extremely young children. At least, that is what happens on the face of it. In reality, especially after having read the manga, it is a touching story about a girl struggling to come to terms with new found feelings and desires.

Neko-Kuro - the most adorable thing in the world

However, as touching and sweet as the first series may have been, the OVAs that followed revelled in the freedom and let the shameless perversion flow. 2nd Term is filled with numerous cringe worthy scenes; Rin is as determined as ever to seduce her teacher, Aoki-sensei, Kuro remains a jealous, would-be lover and the poor teacher is left completely clueless as to how he should handle this delicate situation. Although this is probably a show for existing fans only, it gives a good opportunity for those who have not yet experienced the childish wonder to at least try the cuteness.

Yes, that is a baton in her hand.
As ever, Usa and her abnormally large breasts are the focus of much hilarity, especially as she joins in for the school sports day. Watching someone with DD's trying to sprint around a track without a bra sometimes made me forget that these girls are supposed to be around nine years of age. However, if you can set your morals at the door before watching this show, then you will be rewarded with numerous laughs, "omg, did I just watch that" moments and surprisingly deep characters to top it all off.

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