Sunday, 21 November 2010

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 21st November 2010 - Ping Pong Club

According to my stats back at Anime-Planet, I have watched (as of 15.40 on the 21st November) 516 anime series, movies, OVA and specials. A quick calculation tells me that this is enough to give a recommendation for almost 10 years. Well, it would be if every show I've seen was worth mentioning....

To kick things off, I thought I would sing the praises of the little known Ping Pong Club:

A mostly harmless looking exterior...

Based around a failing school male ping pong club, the show is over the top hilarity from episode 1 as the group attempts to prove they are not complete failures in life. Leading the mishaps is the utterly perverted Maeno, whose special pecker attack sees him drop his pants and expose his trouser snake to distract the opposition. Takeda is the obligatory straight edged innocent who usually ends up clearing up the aftermath. Also featuring the feminine Kinoshita and the highly sexed Takeda, this is one ecchi show that will frequently  have you looking away in disgust whilst giggling.

What can be seen cannot be unseen...
The perfect recommendation with Sexy Commando Gaiden, the humour is puerile and there are moments you may find yourself questioning why you're still watching it. But if you have a childish sense of humour and can come up with more than 10 different names for a penis, then this really is the show for you. 

You were warned.

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