Friday, 19 November 2010

Anime Review - Kiss X Sis TV

Back in 2008, the rumbling on the ISSUP (International Society of Something Ummm Perverted) grapevine was that a deliciously depraved OVA was to hit Japanese screens named Kiss X Sis. Not wishing to miss out on the latest flavour of the month, I have to admit to enjoying the mildly incestuous tones and unadulterated humour that flowed forth. When a TV series was announced a couple of years later, I knew it would be a title to make its way onto my “watching” list and two years later, I found time to enjoy the twincest once more.

Keita's dilemma: Watch or join in...

After previously being exposed to the atrocity that is Green Green, Kiss X Sis TV rivals the mindless perversion, but offers a slightly more coherent story. This improvement is extremely minor and there is instead many a variant of jealous twin sisters hitting on their older brother that constitutes a “plot” for the series. Following Keita’s struggle to study for entrance exams, the show chronicles the distractions and seductions thrown at him by his gorgeous sisters, Ako and Riko. As they are not blood related, their parents are absolutely fine with the flirting and regularly encourage the siblings to progress their feelings. Realising that innocent tactics are failing and another method of attack is required, one episode sees Ako become her younger brothers’ mentor, helping to stimulate the lead in his pencil. Wearing the classic low cut blouse and tight-fitting skirt that rides high up her legs, her innovative teaching methods involve scrawling study notes high up her naked thighs and across her ample bosom. Brilliant.

Unfortunately, each time things seem that they could possibly be heating up, the viewer is doused with a proverbial bucket of iced water and the non-starting passion is killed instantly. For example, the most erotic, and also bizarre, moment comes as Riko and Keita mutually jerk each other off with their feet beneath a kotatsu. Normal people may struggle with the podophilia on top of the playful incest, but what is even more unfortunate for those who enjoy perversion is that *this* is the alluring highlight of the entire show. Sad really, especially when you consider that the series also dedicates an entire character to water-sports. Censoring the goods during even these PG-13 moments of fondling, I can’t help but feel cheated especially after a reasonably explicit OVA successfully starts the juices flowing. For a show devoted to harem style perversion, Kiss x Sis tv acts as a seductive minx that causes excitement, but does all it can to avoid delivering on its promise, ultimately suffering as a result.

Riko's mildly blushing cheeks mean she's either 
close to orgasm, or has just broken wind.

Each episode has a whiff of recycled mess; opening with a precarious situation for Keita, serving a fan-service main dish and then finishing up with an uninspired, tedious and ultimately empty plot. The first few episodes may be fun, but the lacklustre approach to a plot that relies entirely on twin sisters getting their kit off gives a sense that the spirit of the original manga has been seriously sterilised in favour of making a quick buck.

Definitely a step-up from the somewhat bland OVA, the character designs of the series are consistent and allow the artists to have some fun. From ditzy meganeko to flat chested Lolita, every otaku visual stereotype has been catered for. Unfortunately, this also means subjection to regular panty-wetting spectaculars that see a yellow inverted fountain regularly spurt forth from Miharu. Once the mood-killing pee has dried, there is always time for Ako and Riko in various outfits, and boy do they look good. 


Their shapely young figures suit the sexy underwear they frequently flash to Keita, and the lovingly drawn curves frequently take centre screen. Sadly, when this happens, the backgrounds are practically non-existent and the cleavage or camel-toe takes the entire focus. It seems Kiss x Sis TV has remained faithful to the manga, looking superficially excellent, but falling over with the first sniff of movement. Relying instead on lingering still shots, especially during kisses or moments of accidental fondling, the animation simply isn’t as good as it should have been.

Featuring many seiyuu found in K-On!, the vocal talent in Kiss x Sis TV is definitely not to be sniffed at. Ayana Taketatsu brings an innocent girlishness to Ako, but turns the seduction up to eleven when alone with Keita. As the polar opposite, Yuiko Tatsumi’s Riko remains a somewhat mischievous tomboy throughout, giving the effect of a feline perpetually ready to pounce on its prey.

Lacking a memorable opening or closing track, the soundtrack rates overall as mediocre. Featuring the leading ladies singing an irritatingly auto-tuned ditty, an overtly fluffy girlishness that sounds similar to something regurgitated from Vocaloid permeates the audio. Although not catchy, the background music is fun and successful in creating a cheeky atmosphere that gives an early warming to an impending gropage.

Somehow avoiding the harem trap of moulding the central male protagonist into an unbelievable no-hoper, Kiss x Sis TV maintains Keita as a believable hormonal teen stuck between a rock and a soft, but firm place. Neither an overt pervert nor a flaccid bore, he tries his hardest to morally refuse what is offered on a plate, but does have weaker moments where Keita junior springs up to take charge. As twins, Ako and Riko are somewhat cliché with their cold shouldered approach to all but their step-brother, but their simultaneously forward and naive actions keep them feeling fresh. Their extreme jealousy when any other female approaches the object of their affections is amusing, especially when they are forced to forge an uneasy truce in the name of love!

Just who is his hand pleasuring? Riko or the chick?

However adding secondary characters to the mix, Miharu, Mikazuki and Yuuzuki are ultimately pointless padding, serving as nothing but fan-service and comic relief to a series that probably would have benefitted without. Aside from the three main personalities, the rest of the cast remain two-dimensional and don’t offer much more than a change of scenery and an opportunity to show a loli eating a chocolate banana...

Rubbing numerous panty crotches in the viewers face, Kiss X Sis TV is an over-the-top something that will be loved by a select group of anime perverts. Offering so much, but having it taken away by the moral ideals of a soccer mom, I can’t help but feel a little cheated by the whole premise.  

The highlight of the show: chick on chick hot action

If you love implied or censored heavy petting, then this will most definitely be the one for you. For everyone else, there is always the wonderful world of hentai or even, dare I say real life relationships that are much, much more fun. Remember kids, incest is fun for the whole family!


  1. Awww... I am so sad this one turned out poorly. I kind of liked the manga.

    Also: you must have learned captioning from chii, those pictures are classic.

  2. I agree, this show suffers from an awkward premise and fails to detail quite why these two hot twins are in love with average Keita. I found I liked the implementation of the girls' desires much more than I thought I would, though. The twin feuding and the fact that Keita's friends are clamoring for scraps the whole time is great.

    Ultimately, though, a lot of the plot is just there to set up awkward urine shots or little competitions between the sisters. Keita is a good, serviceable male lead for what becomes a harem ecchi (and the virginal Sensei is a surprise mature entry for his love, and brings much-needed comedy to some of the cutesy scenarios along with her little sister), and I love Ako and Riko b/c they're just so cutesy and unabashedly perverted. Footjob, anyone?

    In the end, one will enjoy this show a lot more if you find the twincest at all interesting, or if you're all out of better ecchi. The uncensored version is much more worth the effort. However, even this version forgoes nipples (awk! It's like anime barbie), but you'll see all of the panties you want, unobscured. I would have liked to see the family at high school together, as the situational comedy there would have helped the show a lot. In the end, I would watch a sequel if they did it right, but the concept will wear on you after you realize just what you spent 5 hours watching.

    3/5 (uncensored)

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