Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Unfortunate Screenshot - 30th November

I love shows that are "so bad, they're good", and Butt Attack Punisher Girl is definitely in the realms of extremely terrible. Whilst watching the OVA, I grabbed a few screenshots, however this particular one is my absolute favourite!

So, what is going on? Well, in a bizarre turn of events, the heroine is being hunted down by the shape and size of her buttocks. Whoever's derrière fits perfectly in those indentations is Butt Attack Punisher girl! Unique if nothing else...
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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 28th November 2010 - Kodomo no Jikan 2nd Term

I sincerely hope those vegetables aren't for dinner...
With the shows looming ever closer for the winter 2010 period, one of the few titles to have caught my eye is a new Kodomo no Jikan OVA. I may jokingly refer to it as Kodomo no Lolicon, because lets face it: this is a show that is a discussion on the sexuality involving extremely young children. At least, that is what happens on the face of it. In reality, especially after having read the manga, it is a touching story about a girl struggling to come to terms with new found feelings and desires.

Neko-Kuro - the most adorable thing in the world

However, as touching and sweet as the first series may have been, the OVAs that followed revelled in the freedom and let the shameless perversion flow. 2nd Term is filled with numerous cringe worthy scenes; Rin is as determined as ever to seduce her teacher, Aoki-sensei, Kuro remains a jealous, would-be lover and the poor teacher is left completely clueless as to how he should handle this delicate situation. Although this is probably a show for existing fans only, it gives a good opportunity for those who have not yet experienced the childish wonder to at least try the cuteness.

Yes, that is a baton in her hand.
As ever, Usa and her abnormally large breasts are the focus of much hilarity, especially as she joins in for the school sports day. Watching someone with DD's trying to sprint around a track without a bra sometimes made me forget that these girls are supposed to be around nine years of age. However, if you can set your morals at the door before watching this show, then you will be rewarded with numerous laughs, "omg, did I just watch that" moments and surprisingly deep characters to top it all off.
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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Anime Review - Asura Cryin

Tomoharu thought Shuri's choice of evening
wear was a little daring

Sometimes flicking through my anime hard drive, I have no recollection whatsoever of what a series is, let alone why I downloaded it. Asura Cryin’ falls into this bracket and the Russian roulette game of
 picking the next title to watch loaded this bullet into the chamber.

Gently breaking in the viewer with what initially seems like a generic highschool RomCom, Tomoharu is a cliché male protagonist who rebuts the advances of all interested female parties, including his ghostly sidekick that lives with him. Yup, things soon take a turn for the weird as a supernatural element is introduced. It is roughly at the end of the first episode that things rapidly take a nosedive. Cue the appearance of a stunning, yet brutal brunette with an impressive arsenal (and breasts), then add a shy yet determined fire-starting demon and things are already getting a little crazy. But when has plot ever got in the way for anime writers? Certainly not for the writers of Asura Cryin’, who instead throw a giant mech, mafia-style gangs, cyborgs and ghosts into the mix for good measure.

Thank you for flying Anime Airways - if you look to the left,
you may be lucky enough to see two giant mecha
It is a shame really, as the show rapidly falls into the same trap as To Aru Majutsu no Index. Enticing viewers in with an exciting premise and delectable mix of science, the style in which the genres arrive is just too hard and fast. A prime example of this is the poorly choreographed mecha fight scenes: warming up with the promise of greatness, the narrative frequently skips ahead in time, only to retell the battle in a series of flashbacks. Not only is this a total anticlimax, but it completely ruins the flow of the series.

Trying to invoke multiple emotions, Asura Cryin’ fails miserably instead causing the viewer to sit scratching their head in bewilderment. Action falls flat, the ecchi results in a damp squib and the romance couldn’t be more predictable if it tried. There is a glimmer of hope towards the final scenes, but this is cut short as the credits begin to roll. I can only hope that the second season answers all of the questions posed and subsequently forgotten about throughout the first 13 episodes.

Thats right, I said "weird haircut"
To start with the excellent, the computer generated elements are extremely impressive; the giant mech take to battle with ease and gracefully saunter across the screen. The stunning use of bright colours for the casting of magical spells is also a definite plus and is beautifully suited to HD. Sadly, the rest of the animation is a disappointment, especially given the age of the show. Weird haircuts and uninspired facial features give the characters a look of something dredged up from the turn of the century, whilst the backgrounds are nothing to write home about. Luckily, Kanade has a nice “boing” to her chest that is frequently exploited throughout.

Stepping up to the lead role, Miyu Irino takes a moment away from voicing Tsubasa Chronicle’s Syaoran to give an emotional performance to Tomoharu. Kanade is appropriately shy and girlish, whilst her polar opposite Misao is perpetually annoying, upbeat and spunky. The essential tsundere role is completed with the arrival of Ania, who gripes and complains whilst retaining an element of sweet innocence.

The opening and closing tracks are performed by an artist named only Angela. I can’t say I’ve heard of her before, nor will I go hunting for any of her work, as her nasal tones just didn’t fit into my usually eclectic choice of music. Although the fast beats used throughout the series suit the occasional battles, the soundtrack became more of a miss for me than an overall hit.

As a not-so-dazzling lead, Tomoharu becomes an increasingly clueless dolt thrown into a strange situation. Blessed with a half-hearted back story, season one doesn’t really explain the how’s or why’s of his acquisition of his servant, Kurogane, occurred. His live in ghost, Misao, is often the focus of numerous ecchi shots, including the prerequisite swimsuit episode. Luckily, she is given quite a succinct backstory, and despite being gratingly enthused throughout, Misao is probably one of the best fleshed out (excuse the pun) characters.

Neato party trick!

Regrettably relegated to a role as a reasonably minor character, the student council president Touru is the ultimate in bad-ass, sword wielding females. With only the subtlest sniff of her history, it seems that she held an infinite amount of promise (and would look awesome in a bikini), but this has not been capitalised on. As a bad turned good guy, Shiro-kun is also a somewhat underused personality. Considering his overall contribution to the plot, I can’t help but feel he had a lot more to offer.

Trying to blend so many genres, flesh out characters and adding a sprinkling of ecchi into such a small space of time, season one of Asura Cryin is a train-wreck. Strangely enough, I *will* be watching the next thirteen episodes. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for punishment, or perhaps it’s due to a firm groundwork being set with the promise of a darker finale, but I’m living in hope that the mediocrity of the opening show will be dwarfed by the brilliance of its successor.
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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Anime Signatures - 25th November (Yuri)

Approximately 4 years ago, I discovered Photoshop. Once of my theories in life is to learn to use something by trial and error. Whilst this maybe isn't the best way with graphic manipulation, there are plenty of tutorials online to help with a few tricks and techniques, and multiple sites with new brushes and fonts. I like to think I've been getting gradually better, but that's not up to me!

So, without further ado, here is a small selection of signatures I've created and for people to use! If you would like any of them personalised, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Miku and Luca from Vocaloid

Leina and Elina from Queen's Blade

Yumi and Sachiko from Maria-Sama ga Miteru

No idea who they are or what they're from, but they're cute!

Yuki and Maria from Vampire Knight

If you have any suggestions, or anything you would like to see, please let me know and I'll see what I have in the signature vault!
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Anime Review - Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection)

Initially intrigued by the promotional material containing a gorgeous, nobly dressed female brandishing a chainsaw, Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection) soon found its way onto my hard drive. A couple of episodes in and I can’t say I was immediately enamoured. Initially sporting the same fantasy tone found in shows such as Shakugan no Shana or To Aru Majutsu no Index, it wasn’t until the dark humour found in Nougami Neuro (another Madhouse production) found its way into the series that Kaibutsu Oujo actually found its footing.

Once a month....

Opening with the tale of Hiro, a young boy who sacrifices himself to save the aloof Hime, the narrative takes its time setting the scene and building atmosphere before immersing the viewer straight into the somewhat confusing action. In just the first episode, the befuddled boy is brought back to life by this strange woman only to find himself forced to work as one of her loyal servants. Throw a super-strong robotic loli into the mix during an all-out battle with a pack of werewolves who work to an ultimate agenda, there is perhaps a little too much to take in during just twenty-minutes of screen time. However, experience has taught that the amount of confusion presented in the premier is usually directly proportional to my overall enjoyment in anime.

...females are not to be crossed.
Although the amount of ecchi in Kaibutsu Oujo is minimal, there remains an element of a harem formation as new personalities join the supernatural brigade. After the introduction of the semi-werewolf Riza and vampire Reiri, the group dynamic feels complete and the story flows easily around these intriguing characters. However, the motivations behind many of the mistress’s actions remain a surprise; slowly drip feeding information throughout the 26 episodes Hime is kept surrounded by a veil of mystery, giving a reason to keep tuning in.

The wolfy is actually pretty foxy
Primarily episodic, there is a fascinating underlying story to Kaibutsu Oujo that is occasionally broken by comical interludes, usually involving Sawawa and her impressive rack. Easy to pick up and watch a couple of episodes at a time, the plot may not be the best out there, but it remains fun through to the end because of the addictive humour. The final episode is definitely worth a look, taking advantage of the straight-edged Flandre and turning the once loyal android into a hilarious wrecking machine. It is moments like these that keep the show from fading into mediocrity.

Certainly nothing special, the bold colours used throughout accentuate the interesting looking characters. Sadly as is seen in so many longer series, the animation begins to slip during the centre portion of the show; facial features simply aren’t as well drawn and proportions look somewhat off compared to that of the opening episodes. 
Some girls have all the luck - Sawawa's weight from all those
delicious sweet treats goes straight to her DD's
That said, the lovingly drawn curves of Sawawa and the wide variety of female supernatural creatures is a little more exciting than some of the usual wide-eyed feckless wonders found in romance anime. Another plus point is the fluidity during action scenes; using CG seamlessly and flawlessly, Flandre’s “Terminator vision” is suitably techie and Hime’s spellbinding magic appropriately bewitching.

Kicking off with upbeat rock, the haunting vocals of Aki Misato suit the blood red and black silhouettes dancing across the screen. The rapid tempo continues throughout the series’ background music until it hits the deliciously creepy ending track performed by Ali Project (also famous for Code Geass’ closing and Rozen Maiden’s opening audio). The rapidly ascending and descending pitch is somewhat disorientating, and yet utterly captivating, suiting the unearthly genre of the show.
"Huga huga" - that's what she said. No, really.

The seductive and commanding vocal talents originally afforded to the stoic Saber of Fate/Stay Night are also shared with the somewhat emotionless Hime. Also featuring the dignified tones of Mamiko Noto as the vampiric Reiri, the list of seiyuu is solid and perfectly chosen for each of their characters. However, for me at least, the character with the fewest lines made the biggest impact; Flandre’s repetitive use of “Huga” must have been a challenge, but somehow Shiho Kawaragi manages to display a range of emotions in just two syllables.
Hime, despite lacking personable skills and not being the most original of characters, is instantly likeable. Gradually opening up emotionally as the show progresses, her reactions remain surprising just as you think you’re getting to grips with the feisty blonde! Hiro on the other hand is an extremely unlikely hero. Clumsy, not the brightest bulb in the box and far too sweet to be considered a warrior, I’m still unsure as to why Hime brought him onboard as a protector. That said, he displays an aura of “nice guy” that means you can’t help but sympathise with his unfortunate situation.
Reiri suffered from a terrible overbite
Riza and Reiri make for entertaining viewing, fighting like cat and were-dog despite their reluctantly made truce. Each girl always trying to one-up the other, they have a habit of flirting with poor Hiro with the hope of angering their rival. Adding to this love pentagon, Hime’s younger sister Sherwood offers a delightful underage stalker element. Adding positively to the group dynamic, she is sadly featured infrequently and her story feels somewhat lacking compared to the rest of team supernatural.
Although not the best, Kaibutsu Oujo is certainly not in the bottom half of shows I have seen recently. Going into the show with zero preconceptions, the fantasy/adventure was fun to pick up for a couple of episodes each time. Enough battles to keep the action fans happy and tongue-in-cheek humour for everyone else, the series may appeal to a wide range of viewers but is probably not special enough to make any top 10 lists...
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Monday, 22 November 2010

Unfortunate Screenshot - 22nd November

Through the years of watching anime, there have been numerous moments that forced me to rewind to capture a screenshot of something totally bizarre. This week, I want to share one of my favourite moments from the epic show, Gintama.

Yes, that is Gintoki, a guy on a hospital bed in a doggy pose and a lit candle. *This* is why people should watch the show - the random humour is brilliant, although you may find yourself trying to explain certain scenes. Believe me, the phrase "anal candle" is not suitable for dinnertime conversation.
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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 21st November 2010 - Ping Pong Club

According to my stats back at Anime-Planet, I have watched (as of 15.40 on the 21st November) 516 anime series, movies, OVA and specials. A quick calculation tells me that this is enough to give a recommendation for almost 10 years. Well, it would be if every show I've seen was worth mentioning....

To kick things off, I thought I would sing the praises of the little known Ping Pong Club:

A mostly harmless looking exterior...

Based around a failing school male ping pong club, the show is over the top hilarity from episode 1 as the group attempts to prove they are not complete failures in life. Leading the mishaps is the utterly perverted Maeno, whose special pecker attack sees him drop his pants and expose his trouser snake to distract the opposition. Takeda is the obligatory straight edged innocent who usually ends up clearing up the aftermath. Also featuring the feminine Kinoshita and the highly sexed Takeda, this is one ecchi show that will frequently  have you looking away in disgust whilst giggling.

What can be seen cannot be unseen...
The perfect recommendation with Sexy Commando Gaiden, the humour is puerile and there are moments you may find yourself questioning why you're still watching it. But if you have a childish sense of humour and can come up with more than 10 different names for a penis, then this really is the show for you. 

You were warned.

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Readers help needed!

Well, first review out of the way, and I would love some suggestions as to what I should give a whirl in the not-too-distant future. I am currently watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and recently finished Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection), both of which I will spend some time reviewing and finding some "appropriate" images to go with the text.

However! I'm always open to suggestions, no matter how terrible a series is. Bear in mind I've struggled through Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo, Bakugan and Beet the Vandel Busters and hopefully you'll realise nothing is off limits. Hopefully, the ideas for the titles will involve bucketloads of boobs to fit in with the blog title...

So, please come one, come all and drop off any ideas you may have :) Read more!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Anime Review - Kiss X Sis TV

Back in 2008, the rumbling on the ISSUP (International Society of Something Ummm Perverted) grapevine was that a deliciously depraved OVA was to hit Japanese screens named Kiss X Sis. Not wishing to miss out on the latest flavour of the month, I have to admit to enjoying the mildly incestuous tones and unadulterated humour that flowed forth. When a TV series was announced a couple of years later, I knew it would be a title to make its way onto my “watching” list and two years later, I found time to enjoy the twincest once more.

Keita's dilemma: Watch or join in...

After previously being exposed to the atrocity that is Green Green, Kiss X Sis TV rivals the mindless perversion, but offers a slightly more coherent story. This improvement is extremely minor and there is instead many a variant of jealous twin sisters hitting on their older brother that constitutes a “plot” for the series. Following Keita’s struggle to study for entrance exams, the show chronicles the distractions and seductions thrown at him by his gorgeous sisters, Ako and Riko. As they are not blood related, their parents are absolutely fine with the flirting and regularly encourage the siblings to progress their feelings. Realising that innocent tactics are failing and another method of attack is required, one episode sees Ako become her younger brothers’ mentor, helping to stimulate the lead in his pencil. Wearing the classic low cut blouse and tight-fitting skirt that rides high up her legs, her innovative teaching methods involve scrawling study notes high up her naked thighs and across her ample bosom. Brilliant.

Unfortunately, each time things seem that they could possibly be heating up, the viewer is doused with a proverbial bucket of iced water and the non-starting passion is killed instantly. For example, the most erotic, and also bizarre, moment comes as Riko and Keita mutually jerk each other off with their feet beneath a kotatsu. Normal people may struggle with the podophilia on top of the playful incest, but what is even more unfortunate for those who enjoy perversion is that *this* is the alluring highlight of the entire show. Sad really, especially when you consider that the series also dedicates an entire character to water-sports. Censoring the goods during even these PG-13 moments of fondling, I can’t help but feel cheated especially after a reasonably explicit OVA successfully starts the juices flowing. For a show devoted to harem style perversion, Kiss x Sis tv acts as a seductive minx that causes excitement, but does all it can to avoid delivering on its promise, ultimately suffering as a result.

Riko's mildly blushing cheeks mean she's either 
close to orgasm, or has just broken wind.

Each episode has a whiff of recycled mess; opening with a precarious situation for Keita, serving a fan-service main dish and then finishing up with an uninspired, tedious and ultimately empty plot. The first few episodes may be fun, but the lacklustre approach to a plot that relies entirely on twin sisters getting their kit off gives a sense that the spirit of the original manga has been seriously sterilised in favour of making a quick buck.

Definitely a step-up from the somewhat bland OVA, the character designs of the series are consistent and allow the artists to have some fun. From ditzy meganeko to flat chested Lolita, every otaku visual stereotype has been catered for. Unfortunately, this also means subjection to regular panty-wetting spectaculars that see a yellow inverted fountain regularly spurt forth from Miharu. Once the mood-killing pee has dried, there is always time for Ako and Riko in various outfits, and boy do they look good. 


Their shapely young figures suit the sexy underwear they frequently flash to Keita, and the lovingly drawn curves frequently take centre screen. Sadly, when this happens, the backgrounds are practically non-existent and the cleavage or camel-toe takes the entire focus. It seems Kiss x Sis TV has remained faithful to the manga, looking superficially excellent, but falling over with the first sniff of movement. Relying instead on lingering still shots, especially during kisses or moments of accidental fondling, the animation simply isn’t as good as it should have been.

Featuring many seiyuu found in K-On!, the vocal talent in Kiss x Sis TV is definitely not to be sniffed at. Ayana Taketatsu brings an innocent girlishness to Ako, but turns the seduction up to eleven when alone with Keita. As the polar opposite, Yuiko Tatsumi’s Riko remains a somewhat mischievous tomboy throughout, giving the effect of a feline perpetually ready to pounce on its prey.

Lacking a memorable opening or closing track, the soundtrack rates overall as mediocre. Featuring the leading ladies singing an irritatingly auto-tuned ditty, an overtly fluffy girlishness that sounds similar to something regurgitated from Vocaloid permeates the audio. Although not catchy, the background music is fun and successful in creating a cheeky atmosphere that gives an early warming to an impending gropage.

Somehow avoiding the harem trap of moulding the central male protagonist into an unbelievable no-hoper, Kiss x Sis TV maintains Keita as a believable hormonal teen stuck between a rock and a soft, but firm place. Neither an overt pervert nor a flaccid bore, he tries his hardest to morally refuse what is offered on a plate, but does have weaker moments where Keita junior springs up to take charge. As twins, Ako and Riko are somewhat cliché with their cold shouldered approach to all but their step-brother, but their simultaneously forward and naive actions keep them feeling fresh. Their extreme jealousy when any other female approaches the object of their affections is amusing, especially when they are forced to forge an uneasy truce in the name of love!

Just who is his hand pleasuring? Riko or the chick?

However adding secondary characters to the mix, Miharu, Mikazuki and Yuuzuki are ultimately pointless padding, serving as nothing but fan-service and comic relief to a series that probably would have benefitted without. Aside from the three main personalities, the rest of the cast remain two-dimensional and don’t offer much more than a change of scenery and an opportunity to show a loli eating a chocolate banana...

Rubbing numerous panty crotches in the viewers face, Kiss X Sis TV is an over-the-top something that will be loved by a select group of anime perverts. Offering so much, but having it taken away by the moral ideals of a soccer mom, I can’t help but feel a little cheated by the whole premise.  

The highlight of the show: chick on chick hot action

If you love implied or censored heavy petting, then this will most definitely be the one for you. For everyone else, there is always the wonderful world of hentai or even, dare I say real life relationships that are much, much more fun. Remember kids, incest is fun for the whole family!
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If you can't say anything nice...

Then don't say nothing at all. Poor grammar, but it gets the point across - yes, this blog *has* been sparked by my departure from Anime-Planet, but I will not be using it to get back at anyone.

For me, writing reviews and minor musings has always been fun; something to relax to in an evening after a hard day at work. Once you take the enjoyment out of that, then it becomes a pointless chore. I don't really care if this is a success or not, this is just something for me to play with: to rub out something interesting in a wine fuelled evening. Inspiration seems to hit at the most inappropriate times...

So, prepare for a variety of anime reviews; from ecchi to slice of life, mecha to shoujo and to top it all off, those titles that anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together wouldn't touch. Even with yours. Read more!