Sunday, 2 January 2011

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 2nd January 2011 - REC

Cute, adorable and the main reason to watch REC... Aka.

Continuing the tradition of recommending titles I have watched and that deserve to have their praises sung, REC is the next show in line as a relatively unheard of RomCom. As a genre I'm not particularly fond of, I was a little sceptical at first about sitting through a mushy love tale. However REC is an absolute gem that, for once, doesn't focus on a harem, a high school love or a feckless guy with no idea that a female may actually want to get into his pants.

The closest to fanservice you get

Telling the story of up-and-coming voice actor, Aka Onda and unlucky in love salary man, Fumihiko Matsumaru, REC is a testament to the fact that the path of true love never runs straight. After Fumihiko succumbs to yet another failed date, his path crosses with the bubbly Aka and a twist of fate finds the two sharing a bed together that evening. Cue much embarrassment the next morning as Fumihiko's company employs his one night stand as the voice for their new marketing campaign. Despite initial hesitations about progressing a relationship, the pair find the more time they spend together the harder it becomes to be apart.

Cue panic as Fumihiko realises he forgot to wear pants
The dynamic between the pair is utterly adorable, as the two seem to be reasonably inept when it comes to matters of the heart. Aka thinks Fumihiko is only interested in sex, whilst he feels that she is overly complicated and frequently a pain in the arse to live with. Couple this with the fact that the duo end up living together in a one room apartment, the close proximity adds a claustrophobic element that only goes to heighten already highly strung tensions.
Beer: the one guaranteed way to get yourself a girl at night
Although the main protagonist starts out as somewhat of a sex pest, he reveals a complex personality that only strengthens as the show progresses. His on/off relationship with the frankly adorable Aka will certainly keep those that have been in a relationship of their own coming back for more. You'll empathise with their frustrations, understand why the simple words of one person can hurt so much and still spend the entire series praying that the two get to the bottom of their feelings and can find happiness together. 

Although there are many ups and downs, you will
 learn to love the pair
With each episode only around 11 minutes (and yes, that includes opening and ending credits), it may seem like you're getting a little short changed on an anime fix, but the snappy storytelling really works here. Although, I have to admit that having everything wrapped up in 10 episodes left me wanting more... a lot more. Truly a show for those who have known what it is like to be in and out of love - and I know there will be some perverts out there with a hidden romantic side.

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