Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 18th January 2011 - Ikkitousen Sexy Cosplay

They even added a bow to the gift-wrapped goodness...
Apologies to readers for my apparent slacking as of late, but an unfortunate thing called "real life" sadly distracted my usual evenings of uninterrupted bliss sat in front of my laptop. But with a few minutes to spare, I thought I would share my love for another tasty gem hidden amongst the numerous titles in the world of anime. This week is the turn of the lesser known OVA that pays tribute to the curvaceous figures of the Ikkitousen girls in a Sexy Cosplay special!

"My hand slipped?"
For me, Ikkitousen was always the lesser sibling of Tenjou Tenge; not quite delivering the same gripping "storyline", or having the same 5* quality of fan-service. That said, this special OVA delivers a full-on face-full eruption of perversion that will have fanboys wearing out their printscreen function in an attempt to capture the most tempting shots. With no qualms about throwing Mou-chan, Kan'U and Hakufu into maid outfits or barely there lingerie and then making them fight, Sexy Cosplay is the definition of mindless entertainment.

In Ikkitousen-land, butts shine!

With each episode only being a few minutes long, don't expect the overarching storyline to be developed. In fact, don't expect a plot. This is an excuse to strip the buxom babes down to their skivvies and reward dedicated viewers with a tonne of wrist-aching material.

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