Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Weekly Anime Recommendation - 28th December 2010 - Training with Hinako (Isshoni Training)

Airbags: Deployed
It's that time of year again when that cash cow, Hinako, is milked for all she is worth. This time, it's Bathtime with Hinako and she's brought along her new loli friend, Hiyako for the ride. So, this weeks recommendations is going back to the beginning for Training with Hinako. I know there are a lot of haters for this franchise, but see past the impossibly large breasts that have no regard for gravity, and you may actually find something amusing in what is somewhat of a ground-breaking show.

Even the stuffed animals seem to be staring at her crotch
So, why do I think people will enjoy this? Well, anyone with a sense of humour will realise that this is not a serious attempt at kickstarting the otaku community into joining the gym; Hinako's scanty outfits and impossibly buoyant boobs are testament to that. Instead, it is half an hour of a buxom girl bouncing around on the screen under the pretence of "demonstrating exercise techniques". Yeah, sure. We believe you.

This is also my preferred outfit to wear at the gym
As the show goes on, the number of clothes decreases, and our brave young heroine is soon down to some delectable underwear, still performing push-ups, tirelessly burning through sit-ups and always counting the viewer to help keep an even stroke with her relentless rhythm. It may be nothing but cheap fanservice, but Sleeping with Hinako has a well deserved reputation that precedes its momentous mammaries. Watch it and make up your own mind about one of the most comedic shows to have rattled the PC brigades cages recently.

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